eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN

1. Programme Overview

The eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN is a partnership programme between Maybank Foundation and ASEAN Foundation that consists of mentoring, regional leadership training, and overseas local community projects. The community projects will be incubated to be scaled up in the coming years as social enterprises across the region to become the foremost initiative in Southeast Asia for catalysing youth participation and impact on their communities. The programme is initiated with the realisation that the future of ASEAN is in the hands of youths, and their energy and creativity can be channeled into challenging and meaningful activities to strengthen community bonds, encourage volunteerism and philanthropy, and generate innovative solutions to socio-economic challenges.

2. Objectives

The programme aims to make a sustained and positive impact on ASEAN youth empowerment and ASEAN community building efforts. More specifically, this programme has the objectives to:

  1. To promote volunteerism, social innovation, and awareness of ASEAN
  2. To create an alternative career path for youths
  3. To raise the awareness among ASEAN youths on social causes
  4. To improve social and economic well-being of ASEAN communities through social enterprises

3. Community Projects

Each accepted participant will be grouped with 9 other accepted participants from the same country of origin and each group will be paired with an overseas partner Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) or Social Enterprises (SEs). Prior to the overseas project, groups will go through an online learning series and regional training in Bangkok, Thailand (March 2020). Overseas local community project will be located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Below are the possible focuses which the CSOs might be working on.

Possible Projects

Community Empowerment

Structural improvement, livelihood, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and skills training

Arts and Culture

Arts and handicraft project, weaving, theatre and art mentor, teaching music, dance and drama for youth

Environmental Diversity

Agricultural business development, organic farmer, support farmers in rural villages, and conservation projects.


Project that boost the elementary school student’s literacy and numeracy, skills training for teachers, work with special needs children, teaching English for youth.

4. How to apply

Those who are interested to participate in this fully-funded programme are required to apply online through this application package by 30 November the latest:

1. For youth: http://bit.ly/EYAAYouth
2. For CSOs and SEs: http://bit.ly/EYAACSOs-SE

5. Release and Waiver of Liability

Neither Maybank Foundation nor the ASEAN Foundation will be liable to the participants for any liabilities, claims, actions, damages (whether direct or indirect, incidental, special, consequential and or exemplary) or for any loss of life, bodily injury, medical or hospitalisation costs which may be incurred or arising out of or in any way connected to the participant's registration or participating in the programme.

6. Inquiry

For further inquiries please contact ASEAN Foundation by email on aseanempoweringyouth@aseanfoundation.org