ASEAN Youth Video Contest

A report from Credit Suisse (2012) stated that “ASEAN’s positive demographics underpin stable growth” as the median age for all ASEAN nations is below 40. Moreover, the report indicated that this trend is expected to continue well until 2035. Based on this report, it shows that ASEAN has many potential young people across the region who can contribute significantly to the economic, social and political development. However, the scepticism and ambivalence among the young generation towards ASEAN particularly in the more affluent nations of the region still exist.

The ASEAN Youth Video Contest is one of the initiatives to address the gap and encourage the youth to be more enthusiastic towards ASEAN and support the ASEAN Community. The ASEAN Foundation collaborated with ASEAN-US PROGRESS and the Government of the Philippines to launch the 1st ASEAN Youth Video Contest in 2015. The committee which comprised representatives from the ASEAN-US PROGRESS, the ASEAN Secretariat, the ASEAN Foundation, and USAID-ASIA selected candidates to join the video production training to hone their video skills for their two-minute short video. After the training, the participants returned to their country to continue producing their short video prior to the final submission.

The 1st ASEAN Youth Video Contest received 77 storyboards across ASEAN Member States. 66 storyboards were submitted by young people aged between 18-30 years old capturing the main theme on “What Does ASEAN Community Mean to You.” The contest was able to generate understanding on the ASEAN Community based on the storyboards’ submission. Each storyboard showed its uniqueness and strength in delivering important messages about ASEAN. The ASEAN Youth Video Contest also attracted a fair number of viewers from each member of the ASEAN countries. Based on the ten finalists’ videos, they generated 60,000 views. Cambodia was the country that had the highest rate of views - 9,918, followed by Vietnam with 8,399 views. Indonesia had 7,822 views while Lao PDR garnered 7,772 views followed by the Philippines with 7,011 views. Thailand followed with 6,934 views while Myanmar had 6,308 views. Brunei had 6,185 views; Malaysia, 5,949 views, and Singapore, 4,144 views.

Following the successful of the 1st ASEAN Youth Video, The ASEAN Foundation and ASEAN-US PROGRESS organised the 2nd ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2016 received 100 video entries from the youth participants across ASEAN Member States. The 2nd ASEAN Youth Video Contest focused on the theme “Volunteerism in the ASEAN Community.” It aimed at engaging interested and talented youth across the region to share their voice, thought and inspiration on Volunteerism in the ASEAN Community to audiences inside and outside ASEAN Member States (AMS). Through short videos, selected youth were given an opportunity to express themselves through a creative medium, interact with other youth from AMS, and hone their video production skills.