ASEAN Entrepreneurship

As the mission of ASEAN Foundation is to build a cohesive and progress ASEAN community and to commit in promoting ASEAN awareness, we believe a collaboration to support businesses in Southeast Asia will further the development of SMEs in ASEAN.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our latest joint collaboration between ASEAN Foundation and Confirmis ASEAN in a form of Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs. In a statement letter attached, the mission of this collaboration is:
1. Active featuring of your inspiring stories and be connected to one another under Faces Behind ASEAN SMEs
2. Increase global visibility via both ASEAN Foundation and Confirmis’ extensive network
Social media updates on continuous engagement or/and events of both parties, with ensured exposure to Confirmis’ network across Southeast Asia.
3. On-going activities and programs to connect to the global business network who constantly looking to invest in and trade with businesses in Southeast Asia

For further details, the following document is available for you to access.

We would like to invite you all to join us on this initiative by sharing your story to get more exposures and get connected to other businesses in both ASEAN Foundation and Confirmis ASEAN's network. This is a chance to be registered in a global network and to share your inspiring story with Faces of SME! To join the initiative, please fill your company details here (linked to