Arts and Culture Programme

The ASEAN Foundation’s Arts and Culture Programme encompasses the performing, visual and fine arts, including dancing, music and singing, photography, crafts, film, digital media and video, humanities and historic preservation, folklife and other creative activities.

The Arts and Culture Programme serves as a tool to preserve, celebrate and invent ASEAN Community identity as well as advance the feelings of ASEAN oneness. Further, through different outlets of expression, the Programme engages people’s participation in ASEAN civic life; promotes information sharing, education and learning among diverse ASEAN audiences and galvanises communication across ASEAN demographic and socioeconomic lines.

The main target recipients of the Arts and Culture Programme are artist experts, including the young artists, arts and culture institutions. Through this Programme, these distinctive groups are allowed to contribute their creative artistic and cultural contributions to building ASEAN awareness and community.

The Foundation’s flagship programme under “Arts and Culture” theme is the ASEAN Puppets Exchange Programme. The ASEAN Foundation has been supporting the initiative since July 2015. The main goals of the initiative are to promote ASEAN awareness through the art of traditional puppetry while at the same to raise skills and innovation of ASEAN’s puppeteers to be sustainable as they are significant cultural and artistic influencer in their societies which contribute to building the ASEAN identity.

Additionally it aims at generating a network of self-reliant, macro-culturally and socio-culturally focused ASEAN puppeteers to develop a more unified ASEAN community. By improving the meaningful exchanges and collaborations among ASEAN puppeteers, they are able to gradually elevate their crafts, performances and forge ahead a regional ASEAN network and identity not only among themselves, but also to both local and international audiences