Video Editor for ASEAN Coffee Corner in Manila

Deadline: 2017-09-09

Term of Reference

Video Editor

Promoting ASEAN Coffee and ASEAN Coffee Corner Event in Manila


ASEAN Farmers’ Organisation Support Programme (AFOSP) is an EU-IFAD Grant funded multi- stakeholder projects that aims to improve the livelihood and food security situation of smallholder farmers and rural producers in ASEAN Countries. The programme consists of two major components of the Regional Policy Dialogue (Medium term Cooperation Program Phase II and Regional Policy Dialogue/MTCP 2) and Farmers Fighting Poverty (FFP). The main stakeholders of AFOSP are the Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), La Via Campesina (LVC), the ASEAN Foundation (AF), and participating ASEAN Farmers’ Organisations (FOs).

To increase the sustainability of coffee cooperatives and to improve livelihood of coffee farmers, ASEAN Foundation through ASEAN Farmers’ Organisations Support Programme (AFOSP) in coordination with ASEAN Centre for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives (ACEDAC) and under guidance from ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Agricultural Cooperatives (ASWGAC) forges connection not only among coffee cooperatives, but also private and public sector in ASEAN Coffee Industry.

The objectives of video making are:

  1. Promoting the ASEAN Coffee before the ASEAN Coffee Corner Event as during the Coffee

    Corner Event in Manila on 29 November

  2. Raising awareness for ASEAN Coffee as one outcomes of ASEAN Learning Series Event

  3. Increasing visibility for AF AFOSP through social media coverage


Under direct supervision of Communication Officer and AFOSP Project Manager, the consultant will produce high quality videos edit on ALSPEAC 2017 for the use of AFOSP and ASEAN Foundation’s publications, websites and any other purposes.


Video edit of ALSPEAC raw video footages consisted of:

  • 5 videos with duration of 1 minutes
  • 1 video with duration of 3 minutes
  • Raw video footages taken during the three-day event

The video documentation should be submitted on 22 December 2017 with subtitle/text after approval or revision by ASEAN Foundation Communication Team.

The videos should be submitted via google drive link by 2nd November 2017. The duration of assignment will be from 9 October – 1 November 2017.

Story Board






Condition of ASEAN Coffee in the world : stock, farmer, regulation, private sector, and government.

Coffee 2nd trade commodity next to oil - Bringing Coffee to the next level


Story of Merapi farmer

How by joining association, it helped the farmer to be better. What the marketing strategies used to increase the price of the product.

Please include drone shoot of café (house) of Merapi from above and participants trying out the merapi coffee.


Testimonial of participant from Cambodia

Include how the representative mentioned that his farmers do everything without any rules/standard and ended up with bad quality and price. By joining this event, he finally knows the right way and will share it to his farmers back at Cambodia.

Story begin at 49:00


The importance of cooperatives in helping farmer. Please include Esther’s statement : through collaboration & cooperation, farmer and coffee industry can be better.

Statement occurs in 60:34


Highlight of field visit activity – outdoor, inputs from Pak Jajang (SCOPI green hat) & testimonial from participants regarding the advantages of the event.

Please include Drone shoot of a mountain, road, and jip car.


Highlight the event : ALSPEAC. What is ALSPEAC
The activities, result, from day 1 to the end, the advantages of the event, closing, hopes that it will be held again in the future.

Please include all activities during the event : presentation, panel discussion, Q&A, field visit, knowledge sharing, cultural show, etc. who are the participants : from which countries, and from what background : farmer, government, private sector, etc.

Please include Pak Hamzah’s statement saying thank you to ASEAN Foundation

Intellectual Property Right:

All information pertaining to ASEAN Coffee (video) is under the intellectual property right of ASEAN Foundation. The information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever media/event without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and international Copyright Laws applicable.

Skills and Experience Required:

  1. Advanced experience as video editor

  2. Previous working experience with ALSPEAC event and documentary videos are highly


  3. Flexible to facilitate request based on story board or script provided by ASEAN Foundation

  4. Fluency in English

  5. Able to work under pressure and meet tight timelines

Time-frame and Fees:

The video editor team will work to produce:

  1. 5 videos duration 1 minutes
  2. 1 video duration 3 minutes

at the total rate of IDR 8,000,000.00. The afore-mentioned amount includes costs incurred, i.e. phone calls, internet, local transportation, and daily allowances during the event. Payment will be made upon completion of the finalized outputs.


Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications together with an updated curriculum vitae, and a sample of writing work indicating their relevant qualifications, skills and experience to the e-mail address with cc to; please put the subject VE_AFOSP


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